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CT Family Law Attorney

Who Are the Special Masters in Connecticut Divorce Cases?

by attorneyrank | Apr 21, 2017

In divorce cases, the Court gives parties and their attorneys several tools to help them reach a settlement agreement through…

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Stamford Divorce Attorney

FAQ About Retirement Plans and Connecticut Divorce

by attorneyrank | Apr 14, 2017

Everyone wants to be sure they will be financially secure when it is time to retire. That’s why retirement plans…

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CT Family Law Attorney

What is Financial Discovery and How Does it Affect Your Connecticut Divorce?

by attorneyrank | Apr 07, 2017

Discovery is the process of gathering the financial information necessary to handle a divorce case. Your attorney will send discovery…

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Connecticut Child Custody Attorney

Address Spring Break Vacations in Your Parenting Plan

by attorneyrank | Mar 31, 2017

Almost every child looks forward to spring break each year and parents may be equally excited to take their kids…

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Stamford CT Child Custody Lawyer

Are You Planning to Travel Internationally with Your Child?

by attorneyrank | Mar 24, 2017

Spring break is almost here and summer vacation will be here before we know it, so many parents are likely…

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Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

3 Questions About Property Division in CT

by attorneyrank | Mar 17, 2017

One of the major issues when a marriage ends is how to divide all of the property a couple owns.…

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Connecticut Divorce Attorney

Overview of the Connecticut Divorce Process

by attorneyrank | Mar 03, 2017

When discussing divorce in Connecticut, much attention is given to the major issues that need to be settled to dissolve…

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Stamford Divorce Attorney

Thinking About Divorce? Here Are Some Things to Do to Prepare

by attorneyrank | Feb 24, 2017

Rarely does divorce catch a person by surprise. Whether the decision to file ultimately comes from you or your spouse, in…

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CT Divorce Attorney

Who Gets the Family Home in a Connecticut Divorce?

by attorneyrank | Feb 17, 2017

Many married couples relish in the opportunity to buy a home for their family. Homes should be very personal purchases…

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Connecticut Divorce Mediation Attorney

The Benefits of Mediation in Divorce Cases

by attorneyrank | Feb 09, 2017

Any contested divorce case will have issues that need to be agreed upon and resolved before your marriage can legally…

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