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How Does a Judge Decide What Is in the Best Interests of a Child?

by attorneyrank | Jun 20, 2018

If you’re considering a divorce in the state of Connecticut and you have children, you will want to come to…

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An Overview of Divorce in Connecticut

by attorneyrank | Jun 12, 2018

If you are considering a divorce in the state of Connecticut, it is helpful to start by gathering information on…

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Considering Divorce? Steps to Take to Protect Your Rights

by attorneyrank |

Imagining the prospect of going through a divorce is difficult, but taking the time to review your assets and your…

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How Does Trial Work in a Divorce Case?

by attorneyrank | May 17, 2018

In most divorce cases, efforts will be made for the spouses to reach agreements regarding all of the major issues…

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Connecticut Family Law Case Statistics

by attorneyrank | May 16, 2018

Many people going through a divorce or another family-related legal matter may feel alone and as if few people understand…

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How the Right Attorney Can Make Your Child Custody Case Easier

by attorneyrank | May 07, 2018

Child custody cases are often referred to as “battles” for a very important reason – these cases can be highly…

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How Does Divorce Affect Your Health Insurance?

by attorneyrank | May 03, 2018

A divorce brings up big questions like “who will have custody of the children?” and “how will we fairly divide…

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Plan Ahead About How to Divide Summer Vacation

by attorneyrank | Apr 25, 2018

Although summer vacation is a carefree time for children, it can bring up stressful conflicts for parents, especially those who…

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Fighting for Your Pet in Your Divorce

by attorneyrank | Apr 17, 2018

When the topic of divorce comes up, one of the first things people will ask about is how you plan…

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Is Your Spouse in Denial That You Want a Divorce?

by attorneyrank | Apr 10, 2018

In a perfect world, divorce would be simple. You and your spouse would agree on the division of marital assets,…

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