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Stamford CT Child Custody Lawyer

Why You Need an Attorney for a Connecticut Child Custody Dispute

by attorneyrank | Feb 02, 2017

Few disputes can be as acrimonious and challenging as those involving child custody. Parents are fiercely protective of their children and…

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Stamford Alimony Attorney

What Types of Alimony are Available, and How is Alimony Paid?

by attorneyrank | Jan 27, 2017

Alimony refers to a court-ordered payment that must be made from one former spouse to another. In Connecticut, neither party is…

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Stamford CT Custody Attorney

How are Child Custody and Visitation Decisions Made?

by attorneyrank | Jan 20, 2017

There is no doubt that divorce and legal separation become even more difficult when children enter the mix. Divorce and…

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Stamford Child Support Attorney

What Types of Connecticut Child Support Are Available, and How is Child Support Calculated?

by attorneyrank | Jan 13, 2017

When divorce cases involve minor children, courts are extremely concerned that the children are well cared for and provided for…

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Stamford CT Divorce Lawyer

What Is a Connecticut Divorce Complaint and What Happens After Filing?

by attorneyrank | Jan 06, 2017

Connecticut divorce law can be complicated, and, in many cases, the parties involved can be unsure of what to expect.…

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Connecticut Custody Lawyer

Custody Battles Can Be Complicated

by attorneyrank | Dec 30, 2016

When two parents want different custody arrangements, a custody case can become extremely complex very quickly. The current divorce case…

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Connecticut Divorce Attorney

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial?

by attorneyrank | Dec 16, 2016

Simply because divorce petitions are filed in family court does not necessarily mean that the court will play a major…

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Stamford CT Divorce Attorney

Using Digital Evidence to Prove Misconduct in a Divorce Case

by attorneyrank | Dec 09, 2016

Connecticut law allows no-fault divorces, which means a spouse does not have to allege and prove certain misconduct of the other…

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Stamford CT Divorce Attorney

The Importance of a Well-Crafted Response to a Divorce Petition

by attorneyrank | Dec 02, 2016

It never feels good to receive notice that your spouse has filed for divorce – even if you were expecting…

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Support or Custody Modification After a Stamford Divorce

by Anthony Piazza | Aug 26, 2016

Support or Custody Modification After a Stamford Divorce When parties go through a divorce or other family law case involving…

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