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Keep Track of Your Finances During Your Divorce

by attorneyrank | Jan 16, 2018

When married couples decide to get a divorce, they often start living separate lives immediately. In many cases, one person moves…

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Divorce Lawyer in CT

It’s Important to Reach out for Support During Divorce

by attorneyrank | Jan 08, 2018

Few things can make you feel as helpless and alone as the end of your marriage. If you are like…

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Divorce Lawyer in CT

What Will Happen to My Personal Possessions in a Divorce?

by attorneyrank | Jan 03, 2018

If you are going through a divorce (or anticipate that the end of your marriage is impending), you have probably…

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The Very Negative Impact Domestic Violence Convictions

by attorneyrank | Dec 25, 2017

Domestic violence is a serious crime. Every year, domestic violence impacts countless families in Connecticut and across the United States.…

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Child Custody Attorney in CT

Divorces with Children: FAQs

by attorneyrank | Dec 18, 2017

If you’re going through a Connecticut divorce, make sure you understand the state’s custody laws. Every state addresses child custody…

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Moving Out? Be Sure to Grab These Important Documents

by attorneyrank | Dec 11, 2017

If you’re divorcing and moving out of your marital home, you’re no doubt going through a tumultuous time—and you’re probably…

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Divorce Lawyers in CT

Your Social Media Use Could Affect the Outcome of Your Divorce

by attorneyrank | Dec 01, 2017

Almost everyone uses some form of social media—even the President. If you’re going through a Connecticut divorce, however, now is…

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Divorce Lawyers in CT

Is Your Inheritance Marital Property?

by attorneyrank | Nov 27, 2017

Whether your inheritance will be considered marital property in your divorce will depend on the specifics of your case. Inheritance…

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Divorce Lawyer in CT

Dissolution of Marriage in Connecticut

by attorneyrank | Nov 17, 2017

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for everyone. The emotional and legal process of separating from a…

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Retirement and Divorce: Division of Pensions in a Divorce

by attorneyrank | Nov 10, 2017

A qualified domestic order (or QDRO for short) is an order that begins the process of splitting a retirement or…

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