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A Child Custody Arrangement Should Work for Everyone (Especially the Kids)

by attorneyrank | Mar 12, 2018

When you’re going through a divorce, even the smallest joint decisions can seem difficult. Separating from a partner means that…

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Child Custody Attorneys CT

When Can a Child Custody Order be Modified in CT?

by attorneyrank | Feb 26, 2018

Life happens. Circumstances change. A prior custody order may no longer be in your child or children’s best interest now.…

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Child Custody Attorney in CT

Divorces with Children: FAQs

by attorneyrank | Dec 18, 2017

If you’re going through a Connecticut divorce, make sure you understand the state’s custody laws. Every state addresses child custody…

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Child Custody Lawyer in CT

Keeping the Custody Battle Out of Court

by attorneyrank | Nov 03, 2017

Divorce is never easy, and the emotional toll it can take on the children of divorce can be devastating. Children…

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Child custody lawyers in ct

What Is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act?

by attorneyrank | Sep 29, 2017

As of 1981, every state in the United States adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA), which is actually…

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Connecticut Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody in Connecticut

by attorneyrank | Jun 21, 2017

Divorce is difficult for everyone, but your kids are often hit hardest. Child custody matters are often the most complicated…

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CT Family Law Attorney

All About Parenting Schedules

by attorneyrank | May 06, 2017

When it comes to parenting schedules in shared custody situations,1 there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every household is different, so…

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Connecticut Child Custody Attorney

Address Spring Break Vacations in Your Parenting Plan

by attorneyrank | Mar 31, 2017

Almost every child looks forward to spring break each year and parents may be equally excited to take their kids…

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Stamford CT Child Custody Lawyer

Are You Planning to Travel Internationally with Your Child?

by attorneyrank | Mar 24, 2017

Spring break is almost here and summer vacation will be here before we know it, so many parents are likely…

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Stamford CT Child Custody Lawyer

Why You Need an Attorney for a Connecticut Child Custody Dispute

by attorneyrank | Feb 02, 2017

Few disputes can be as acrimonious and challenging as those involving child custody. Parents are fiercely protective of their children and…

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