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Can Domestic Violence affect an Alimony Order?

by attorneyrank | Feb 13, 2018

Domestic violence is a real danger. As summarized by The National Domestic Violence Hotline, on average, each minute of every…

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Fingers Crossed for Brad and Angelina: Is Reconciliation Possible? A Legal Separation May be in Order

by Anthony Piazza | Oct 27, 2017

Making headlines for the past few months was the very abrupt and hasty divorce proceedings between Hollywood royalty couple Brad…

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Annulment Lawyers in CT

How Can I Get a Marriage Annulled in Connecticut?

by attorneyrank | Oct 20, 2017

Although a divorce and an annulment accomplish the same purpose—legal dissolution of a marriage so the parties are free to…

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Are There Different Types of Divorce in Connecticut?

by attorneyrank | Oct 13, 2017

Because matters of domestic relations are left to each of the individual 50 states, divorce has developed in slightly different…

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What Is the Purpose of a Guardian Ad Litem in Connecticut?

by attorneyrank | Oct 06, 2017

A guardian ad litem, or GAL, is a trained and certified individual appointed by the court to act as a…

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What Is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act?

by attorneyrank | Sep 29, 2017

As of 1981, every state in the United States adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA), which is actually…

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Divorce Lawyers in CT

Grounds for Divorce in Connecticut

by attorneyrank | Sep 22, 2017

“Grounds for divorce” refers to the legal reason a couple is filing for divorce. Unlike like some other states, Connecticut…

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Uncontested Divorce in Connecticut

by attorneyrank | Sep 15, 2017

Divorce is nearly always fraught with emotion and turmoil. If you and your divorcing spouse can find agreeable terms without…

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What is Financial Discovery and How Does it Affect Your Connecticut Divorce?

by attorneyrank | Sep 07, 2017

Discovery is the process of gathering the financial information necessary to handle a divorce case. Your attorney will send discovery…

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Stamford Divorce Attorney

Divorce, Discord, and Personal Property Division

by attorneyrank | Aug 29, 2017

The level of emotional turmoil that engulfs divorce cannot be overstated. Divorce hurts, and that’s why personal property division can…

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