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Reasons Your Prenuptial Agreement Might Get Thrown Out

by attorneyrank | Feb 11, 2019

Engaged couples decide to sign prenuptial agreements for many reasons, including significant financial disparity, children from outside of the marriage,…

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Tips for Co-Parenting

by attorneyrank | Jan 25, 2019

Whether two parents were never married or are getting divorced, it is important to always remember that they will likely…

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Reducing Holiday Stress Starts With Good Planning

by attorneyrank | Dec 18, 2018

Going through a divorce is stressful. The holidays can be stressful. When you combine the two, it is easy to…

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When Can You Relocate With Your Child in Connecticut?

by attorneyrank | Nov 27, 2018

Divorce is always hard, but there are no divorce issues more difficult than those that relate to your children. Change…

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The Impact of the New Tax Law on Spousal Support

by attorneyrank | Nov 20, 2018

Congress approved major tax reforms in 2017, and with these reforms, comes significant changes for those divorces that involve spousal…

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Child Support in Connecticut FAQ

by attorneyrank | Nov 13, 2018

If you’re going through a divorce, you’re almost certainly going through a difficult time. The most harrowing components of divorce,…

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Dividing a Business in a Connecticut Divorce

by attorneyrank | Nov 06, 2018

Divorce is always hard. There are very few issues, however, that can make a divorce more complicated than dividing a…

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Assets in a Divorce

by attorneyrank | Oct 22, 2018

Nothing about divorce is easy, but—other than issues related to child custody—the division of assets is often the number one…

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Cell Phone Privacy Rights: Are My Cell Phone Contents Discoverable in a Lawsuit or Divorce?

by attorneyrank | Oct 15, 2018

We’ve all become so reliant on our smartphones that they’ve morphed into extensions of ourselves. While smartphones offer convenience, connection,…

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How Divorce Could Change Your Will

by attorneyrank | Oct 08, 2018

Divorce is difficult and stressful. There is no way around this fact. Estate planning and the creation of a will…

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