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Custody Battles Can Be Complicated

When two parents want different custody arrangements, a custody case can become extremely complex very quickly. The current divorce case between celebrity power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt is only one example of the complications that may arise in a custody battle.

In September, Jolie Pitt filed for divorce and her petition claimed that she was seeking sole custody of the couple’s six children, who range from eight years old to 15 years old. Sole physical custody would prevent Pitt from spending any significant amount of time with the children. On the other hand, Pitt filed a recent response to the divorce petition that claimed he was seeking joint physical custody. Custody will need to be determined before the divorce can be finalized.

Another issue complicating matters is that the media reported an incident in which Pitt was accused of being abusive toward their 15-year-old son on a private flight in September. Authorities investigated the incident, however, the cases were dismissed by both the FBI and the LA Department of Child and Family Services. While the divorce is pending, the parents agreed to a temporary arrangement in which Pitt could visit the children.

What are Their Options?

When two parents initially disagree on a custody arrangement, they have two main choices:

  • Negotiate and come to a private agreement outside of the courtroom; or
  • Go to trial and present their arguments, allowing the judge to ultimately decide on a custody arrangement.

In most situations, it is preferable to agree outside of court on major issues in a divorce. However, if there are concerns about the safety or well-being of the children, it may be wise to continue to fight for sole custody. An attorney can help you make that decision.

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