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Experienced Connecticut Family Lawyer Discusses Getting a Legal Separation

Connecticut Family Lawyer gavel, booksA Connecticut family lawyer can answer your questions about a legal separation.

Getting a Legal Separation

Your Connecticut family lawyer will explain that a legal separation is similar to a divorce. Issues that can arise include child custody, visitation rights, alimony, child support, and dividing marital assets and debts. In order to receive a legal separation, the procedure is as follows:

  • Papers must be filed with the court requesting that there be a separation and proposing the terms.
  • Unless it is a joint filing, your spouse will need to be served papers regarding the action.
  • After being served with the papers, your spouse will have a specific amount of time to reply if there is disagreement with the proposal.
  • If your spouse responds, there is the possibility of reaching agreement via negotiation or mediation.
  • An agreement for a legal separation will be in writing signed by both spouses. In the event you cannot agree on the terms, the case will go before a judge.
  • After all the issues in the case have been agreed upon or a decision is made by the judge, the judge will then sign the separation judgment and the legal separation will be complete.
  • Although you will be legally separated, it is different from a divorce in that you remain married and cannot marry someone else.

Reasons for a Legal Separation Instead of Divorce

There are numerous reasons for a couple to prefer to have a legal separation. It is possible that there is a hope for reconciliation. Health insurance could be an issue as a legal separation might allow for a legally separated spouse to remain on the plan. There are often rules that a couple must be married for ten years for a spouse to receive Social Security benefits or military benefits. For some couples, their religious beliefs might not allow divorce.

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