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Getting married without a prenup may be a mistake

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posted in Prenuptial Agreements

on Friday, September 14, 2012.

When most couples in Stamford, Connecticut, choose to get married, they only think about the romantic aspect of the future. Weddings are glamorous events meant to bring two people together in celebratory fashion and, because of their importance and status, a lot of planning goes in. This can leave some couples caught up and stressed out, forgetting about preparations that could be made that would likely make their lives easier if the marriage ever goes awry.

Such preparations include the prenuptial agreement. Prenups, as they are also known, allow for the division of property to be set before divorce is even considered. One of the toughest parts of a divorce is the separation of marital assets, especially when certain items were brought into the marriage by one person and not the other. Despite this, both parties may have fallen in love with an asset, be it a prized painting, a vehicle, a vacation home or even a pet.

The fate of any asset can be determined in a prenuptial agreement, as long as the prenup is comprehensive and agreed upon by both parties. Many would agree, prenuptial agreements do not sound romantic — this is why so many couples skip over them when they are planning their marriage. Many experts agree — this is a bad choice on several accounts. If divorce does end your marriage and you have a prenup, certain assets will remain protected, finances may not be as complicated to split, and both parties will save money on the divorce.

This can lead to an easier split, one that allows both spouses to find themselves mended and acclimating to a new life much sooner. Not only does a prenup allow for these advantages, it also gets the couple discussing finances — something that many marriages avoid. This sort of communication may be beneficial to two individuals preparing to live out the rest of their lives with one another.

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