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It’s Important to Reach out for Support During Divorce

Few things can make you feel as helpless and alone as the end of your marriage. If you are like most people, you expected your marriage to last forever and intertwined every aspect of your life with your spouse. The process of disentangling two lives can emotionally drain you, and people going through a divorce often feel as if they have nowhere to turn.

You can, however, reach out for support during a divorce—in all areas of life. For example, if you feel depressed, talk to your doctor and consider seeking treatment from a therapist or psychiatrist. Likewise, if you experience financial problems as a result of going from two incomes to one (or perhaps going from one to none), there is no shame in reaching out to family members or trusted friends for help. Finally, because divorce is fundamentally a legal matter, do not hesitate to retain an attorney for advice and representation throughout the divorce process.

How an Attorney Can Help You Get Through Your Divorce

Retaining a lawyer can make the process of ending your marriage easier because:

  • An attorney can explain your rights – One of the most difficult aspects of divorce for many people is the uncertainty that often accompanies it. Who is going to get the house? Am I going to get alimony? Who will get custody of the children? These questions can result in sleepless nights and significant emotional distress. An attorney will take the time to explain your rights and discuss various possible outcomes, which typically provides peace of mind.
  • A lawyer will represent you – Many people who endure divorce experience significant stress when communicating with their soon-to-be exes. Unfortunately, in many cases, you still need to communicate about things that you still share, like finances, childcare, and household responsibilities. An attorney, however, can represent you as much or as little as you like. Not having to face your spouse (or your spouse’s legal counsel) can give you the emotional space you need to begin to move on with your life.
  • A lawyer can help you focus on your emotional well-being – Something nobody tells you is how much work divorce is. Between court filings, creating a parenting plan, settlement negotiations, and court appearances, getting divorced can consume enormous amounts of time. An attorney, however, will handle these matters for you as much as possible, allowing you to focus on yourself and your mental and emotional health.

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