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Some argue that divorce should be accepted as times are changing

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on Friday, January 18, 2013.

Many people in Connecticut have come to terms with divorce, having seen many friends, loved ones and themselves go through the process. But some still believe that divorce is too easy and that it is bringing society down. These thoughts have been met by opposition, some of which cites history and changes in science and biology as a reason that divorce needs to be available and apparent in the U.S.

According to some proponents of marriage, women are to blame. This idea, according to proponents of divorce and gender equality, is a remnant of patriarchal thinking that is not as prominent as it once was. During these sorts of arguments, statistics that reflect a higher number of divorces initiated by women are reported, thus putting the blame on women. But there are many factors that go into a divorce and since the acceptance of no-fault divorce, many of these splits are less adversarial.

Recent studies found that couples with lower incomes and less education were more likely to end their marriages. That means that those people who are college-educated are more likely to stay with a spouse. But another study found that similar romantic standards and problems were seen in low-income and high-income couples. Economic and social factors were the major differences seen between the couples — such factors included substance abuse and financial stability.

Since divorces can be expensive, some professionals argue that the split of a low-income couple must be due to some serious hardships. Substance abuse and a lack of financial security could be the initiators of these struggles, potentially leading to frustrating communication and in some cases, physical abuse.

Those that argue for the acceptance of divorce believe that the process is here to stay, largely because of these differences but even more so due to the fact that people are living longer than they ever have before.

Source: Salon, “America must stop blaming divorce on women,” Lynn Parramore, Jan. 7, 2013

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