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To-Do List for Your Stamford Divorce Attorney

divorce papers and gavel Stamford Divorce AttorneyA Stamford divorce attorney can assist clients in a number of ways. However, there are certain steps that clients can take to protect their legal rights during the process.


As part of the divorce process, your Stamford divorce lawyer may need to contact you via mail. For this reason, it is important that you have access to a private mail box. Likewise, establish a new email address that your spouse does not have login information for. It is also important that you establish new passwords on other accounts for which you believe your spouse may have information, such as ATM cards, online banking information, and social network accounts.


Make a list of the property that you have. Include on the list when the property was acquired and to whom it belongs. Include a date-stamped picture beside valuable items on the list. Start considering which assets are more important to you and which you may be willing to give up to compromise and reach a settlement.


Gather important records while you have access to them, such as statements for bank accounts, credit card statements, tax returns, property deeds, prenuptial agreements, and retirement account statements.


Inform your boss that you are going through a divorce if you anticipate missing work to attend court hearings. If you have been out of the job market during your marriage, start looking for a job. Inform your Stamford divorce attorney of any progress.

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