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Would you get a divorce if it was free

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on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that does not mean that every relationship in Connecticut is standing strong. January is known as the month of the year with the highest number of divorces, often due to the end of the tax year as well as the holiday season. But what if you could get a divorce for free this month?

That is what one attorney in Michigan was wondering as Valentine’s Day approached. His office decided to give away a free divorce to the person with the most compelling story explaining why they should be selected. The contest closed a couple of days before Valentine’s Day, but that does not mean that people are done talking about it. According to the attorney who had the idea, approximately 500 people applied for the free divorce.

Acquiring the services of an attorney for free could be very advantageous in a divorce. But the stipulations surrounding the free divorce noted that the split could not be contested and would not entail any more than minimal child custody issues. Such splits are often not contentious and can be easily finalized, giving the attorney who offered the free divorce a minimal time commitment to the case.

According to people with the law office, the idea came after a student of the lawyer invited him to a divorce party. He realized soon after that new love can’t be found until the old one is gone, leading him to equate Valentine’s Day with this free divorce contest. In an interview, the man mentioned that the office was searching for someone that was having hardships outside of the divorce, such as a foreclosure or a medical condition.

This contest underscores the power of divorce. It is a process that allows spouses that no longer love one another to move on and try to find happiness with another person.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift: a free divorce,” David Lazarus, Feb. 13, 2013

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